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Montreal’s XPages workshop review

Yesterday I attended the Xpages workshop called “Developer Summit 2010” in Montreal.  This is a workshop based on the Show and tell presentation done at Lotusphere 2010 given by Matt White and Tim Clark.  I never had a chance to go to the Sphere so having on of the Sphere’s part coming home, I couldn’t resist, especially since I’m about to start developing a new project and Xpages was the chosen language for that project.

Another cool thing is that we had the chance of meeting Philippe Riand, that made the trip from Boston to Montreal,who’s quite involved in some OpenNTF’s projects (most known project being the XPages Extension Library).  It was nice to have a french speaking presenter in a french speaking province (doesn’t happened often).  I was a bit late and missed what role Philippe has at Lotus, but it clearly has to do with Xpages, and at a high level in the company.

The presentation was most likely very similar to what was presented at Lotusphere 2010.  Xpages were described, explained, demoed and we saw the evolution of enhancements since they were introduced up to 8.5.2 and even a bit of what is coming for 8.5.3.  Philippe was a great presenter and that portion of the day was highly dynamic.  It was also clear that Philippe loves his job and is very happy about all that is going on with Xpages right now.

The second half of the day was basically following Matt’s and Tim’s walk through to build the LOANr application.  At first, the number of pages in the book we were given was a bit intimidating, but there are a lot of screen shots in there so it wasn’t as bad as it looked.  Hands on exercises are the best I think to learn a new technology and we had what we needed to do so (a step by step guide and a PC).  We were told that we were the second group having this workshop, and through the afternoon, some little things were noted in the guide we had.  Nothing major but a few things that slipped by.  I guess corrections will be made as more and more of this workshop happens so it’ll get better.  I remember going to the Notes 4.6 web workshop beta, and this one was a lot worst as things that were missing.  But hey, just like a rock band in the first shows of a new tour, it is quite expected that some things are not quite 100% on the first shows.  and to be honest,  nothing major was missed in our guide.

The small problem I have with a step by step walk through is that you don’t really know why you are doing this or that step, and you don’t really understand exactly what you are doing.  Sure you’ll be able to reproduce what you are doing in the exercise but why is that specific line of code is written in that specific place?  I have to say though that the guide we have is very well done and it is explained, not on every step but in many, the goal and the explanation of what you are doing.  This is a big plus compared to many step by step guides I have done.

The workshop is clearly targeting people that never really played with Xpages development.  I can’t say I have learned a lot, but having THE Xpages guy as speaker and also having a chance to get back into the DDE was appreciated and I don’t feel my day was lost.  In fact, I’m really happy I went to that workshop as my newest project is almost ready for coding, and this was a really nice refresher.

Now, I am ready for more advanced Xpages development.  And like many of you I guess, advanced documentation and training material is, or used to be quite sparse.  We now have a lot of training available: Xpages101,, TLCC’s Xpage course, an upcoming book and many others.  What I am looking for now is a well organized advanced training option, with lots of hands on.  I have heard rumors about such a thing coming soon, and I’ll talk about it a bit later.  Stay tuned!

Happy coding everyone, and I am so happy to get back into Notes development after a deep dive into the Microsoft .Net environment.  That too will be an upcoming blog entry a bit later…


I am currently working on a project where a lot of things will need to be logged, so the customer can have some reports.  Basically, this will be a web site where each time a specific document appears in a search result, it will need to be logged.  I will also need to log when when ever a link is clicked.  Also, some publicity will appear on the site and I need to track how often each add was displayed.

For now, I am hesitating between two solutions: logging everything in the web site database and have an hourly agent that will move all log entries to the log database.  option two is using OpenLog from OpenNTF.  The biggest concern here is performance: is it better to write in the current database or writing in a different database is not a big performance hit.

This site will not get zillions of hits a day, but planning in case it does, do you have any related experience to relate?  Any opinions on this matter?

As usual, all your help is greatly appreciated.

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For the “graphic software” impaired developers

I have to admit I am not bad with Corel PhotoPaint, the Corel version of Photoshop (no, no comparison between the two products please!).  I have been a Corel user since Corel Draw 1.2 and I just kept using the Corel suite, being too lazy to get acquainted to the Adobe suite.  So creating backgrounds or manipulating existing graphics is not a problem.  I used to do mock ups in Corel Draw but since I got my hands on Balsamiq Mockups, I just can’t use no other software than that very cool Adobe Air application.  Where I had major limitations was when I was asked to do Flash animations for web sites or presentation.  Never really got into Flash… until now.

Well, I’m not an expert still, but the current web site I’m working on required a Flash header and some image galleries.  Nice presentation is really important for that site as it is a house contractor and my buddy wants his site to like really nice.  I could have used Lightbox or any of the zillion JavaScript image galleries available, but I planned on using a few different techniques: rotating banner, image gallery, accordion style images rotation and a few others.  I started thinking I was way over my head with this site as I am a developer Jim, not a computer graphic artist.

But then , and this is what I want to share, I found a bunch of very cool and very well done Flash components and a Flash add-on that proposes high quality and high variety of pre-built animations.  Both of these “tools” supply a lot of free components and a very cheap price if you want to go for the full blown license.  Here are the sites in question:

Flash XML: they provide pre-built Flash components that are configurable through XML files.  With the “basic components” that are free to use, you get controls that are very high quality and a lot of customization possibilities.

FlashEff2: These guys offer a lot of Flash animations.  I mean a LOT: over 3000 possibilities.  They cover object (symbol) animations and text animations as well.  For headers, adds or business presentations, this is just great.

Now these alone won’t make you full fledged computer graphic artists but they will surely help you spending less time building nice looking UIs for some sites.  These components don’t cover all the needs a business application requires, but if you have needs for such components, these two sites represent excellent choices for high quality and free resources.

It is not often freebies are of excellent quality, but these are for sure and they are worth a look.  Why reinvent the wheel when you have Dunlop, Pirelli or Michelin already have wheels that will fit your need!

A big thanks to these two companies for making their great products available for free



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Is IBM GTS a competitor to Lotus Business Partners?

Yes, again,  I am a bit late on this one, but I would like to share my thoughts and not start a never ending discussion.  As long as IBM will have a professional services department, this discussion will live on.  We all know that a good part of IBM’s revenues is now professional services and that Lotus Notes is generating more than its share of revenues in that portion of IBM’s overall income.

I guess that considering IBM GTS as a competitor depends on your location on our little planet.  In my area, when I realized a major client was going to move applications from Lotus Domino to the .Net world, I contacted IBM to see if I could get some help trying to convince the client that Domino was actually the ideal platform for some specific application types, especially since about 90% of the Domino/Notes applications were excellent candidates for Notes (workflows, document libraries, …).

I guess that in my area, Notes is now such a small market that there is a very small team available to help BPs in situations like these.  I have been told by the client’s Lotus rep that IBM already tried convincing them to stick with Lotus but there was one of the client’s development team leaders that was totally against Lotus and a big part of it came from the fact that the guy has been working for Microsoft before and he was able to convince upper management on the fact that .Net is better than Notes and that Notes is now “legacy”.  So no more help from the rep, and being a small BP, I didn’t feel it was my role to convince the client, but I did send an email to a manager at the top of the food chain, but that was it, I didn’t want and I don’t think I could have done more.

I eventually got in contact with a few people at IBM, sales reps and software specialists, but also one of the top IBM managers in Canada.  I met that person and explained the situation and the fact that so far, IBM wasn’t much help.  He told me that I needed to do the ground work and if required, IBM would jump in.  Not quite the answer I was looking for…  But in the process, and throughout all the meetings I had with IBM people, I learned that IBM was doing consulting and professional services business with major corporations in our area.  Since we are a small Lotus market, the number of BPs is quite small too, so I started looking for other BPs in the area and found very few besides VSMBs (very small businesses) like myself.  Most major BPs were IBM hardware resellers that probably get professional services contract because of that.  And I think this is a great way to get into a company: sell them the hardware and then tell them you can also offer development services on top of that.  But for the rest of us VSMBs, it’s pretty hard to get the little Lotus business that is available.

So a short answer is yes, you should consider IBM GTS as a competitor when you are looking for acquiring market shares in the Lotus professional services business.  They, as well as your company, exist to make profit and these days, professional services is where the money is in IT.  I always felt the BP program was a bit weird since IBM is also playing in the same field as their BPs.  I know they probably don’t play in small playgrounds, but that leaves us with bits and pieces left.  As I mentioned, not sure if this applies to all the regions of the world, but that is how I see things in my part of the planet.

I became a BP mainly because of marketing purposes: I could use the BP logo, which is a big plus for customers.  I was never able to find my way in all the BP documentation and web site (and I tried!) so I am not sure if being anything other than a premium BP is worth it.  But if I become a VSMB again, I will apply to the BP program for sure, just so I can say I’m an IBM partner…  that will have to compete with IBM to grab contracts!

That’s my 2 Canadian cents from Montreal, Qc

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Music Review: latest Iron Maiden and Disturbed releases

Two new albums got my attention in the past few weeks and after a few listening sessions on both CDs, here are my reviews for Iron Maiden’s “The Final Frontier” and Disturbed’s “Asylum”.

When I saw Iron Maiden in Montreal last July, the new album wasn’t out but the single “El Dorado” was available.  It was nice to hear Maiden back to some “gallop” as there were none on the previous album, A Matter of Life and Death, but was this a good pointer to what the new album was going to be?

Iron Maiden's The Final Frontier

The new album came out here in Canada on August 17th.  Being a hard core (or old if you prefer) Maiden fan, I grabbed a copy of the album and started listening to it.  The opening is really weird for Maiden, as it sounds like a David Bowie experiment or some weird heavy Pink Floyd.  It is nice to hear though as it is totally unusual, and it was a good start compared to some previous albums where you could link a riff to this song and another riff to that song, and so on.  So we were off to a good start.

Now I won’t go and do a track by track analysis, but here are my thoughts on the whole album.  First off, diehard fans, those of “The Number of the Beast” and “Piece of Mind” will be disappointed: the album is more like the latest Maiden stuff, “A Matter of life and Death” and “Dance of the Death”.  Although good albums, I feel they lack a bit of punch and the lovely guitar duo melodies that were present on previous albums.  Since “Brave New World”, I always felt they could do a lot more with three guitars.  “Brave New World” being one of the best albums since Adrian came back, I guess I used it as the baseline for newer albums.

Like most of the latest Maiden have put on the market, “The Final Frontier” is an album that I will probably skip a few songs when they come up on my iPod.  A bit sad, as I was expecting a bit more “conventional” Maiden style songs, but as a musician I can understand that the guys have been doing this for thirty years and they want to try different things.  Still, the album is worth it for the few gallops and Bruce’s vocals.  Guitars could/should have been put more in evidence and more melodies are needed.  Power chords are nice, but the Maiden trademark is definitely both Adrian and Dave’s work on melodies.  Hallowed be thy names (both guys and Jannick, of course!).

The next band that got my attention with their new release is Disturbed.  I also saw their latest concert in Montreal, but that was almost a year ago and of course, the new album wasn’t out.  I didn’t know what to expect as they have albums that even though they were clearly signed by the same band, lyrics and music was somewhat different from one album to the other.  So without having a clue on what to expect (I didn’t get the free songs they’ve put on the Net), I grabbed that latest opus from the band.

Disturbed's Asylum

And, maybe it is because I had no expectations like I had for the Maiden album, I was greatly surprised by the songs of the latest release.  Yes, it is a bit less hard and crunchy as “Ten Thousand Fists”, but there is a nice variety of songs and one big surprise: a cover of U2’s “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”.  The guitar is a bit weird for a U2 song but David Draiman’s voice is surprisingly a very good fit for that song.  Much better than their cover of Tears For Fears’ “Shout” and Genesis’ “Land of Confusion”.  This album is an excellent follow up to their previous release and it has a largest variety of songs than their previous work.  A must have for all Disturbed fans.

I would conclude by a saying of mine: if you don’t want to be disappointed, don’t have any expectations.  That applies very well to these two albums as I had some expectations for the Iron Maiden release and none for Disturbed, and of course, Maiden was a bit disappointing and Disturbed was a nice surprise.  But if I go back in time and think about what happened when Maiden launched “A Matter of Life and Death”, there’s a good chance history will repeat itself: I will listen to the final frontier a lot and I will eventually appreciate it and most probably like it.  For the next Maiden release, I will try to remember the “Blaze Bailey” years (not criticising the guy, as Maiden was not quite Maiden at that time without Adrian and Bruce) and say to myself that it can’t get worse than that.  As for Disturbed, I hope I will be able to go see them live when they come back to Montreal.

The major problem I have right now is I can’t stop listening to Dream Theater’s two latest releases “Black Clouds and Silver Linings” and “Systematic Chaos”…  Just can’t have a day without one of these songs…  Too bad they didn’t play a longer opening act at the last Maiden concert!

Next album I’m waiting for is Stone Sour’s upcoming CD.  No expectations on this one, so probably no disappointment.

Put your fist in the air and up the irons!

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One post that covers multiple subjects.  Too busy in my head right now to write multiple posts  : )

I am currently having fun with HTML5, particularly UIs for mobile devices like the iPad and Android phones.  HTML5 has very nice features and the syntax will be a bit simpler, which is always a good thing.  There are more and more HTML5 tool kits available and it is a bit hard to follow everyone of them.  I found that it isn’t too hard to take a Notes application and make it iPad ready.  It is a bit hard to test the application using emulators (I mainly use Safari’s capability to send different browser types), but not impossible.  I also feel that the biggest challenge while developing for mobile devices will be a nice and functional UI.  On that matter, I noticed that one of my favorite sites for UI ideas,, added cool things for mobile devices.  A nice read for every developer.

Next up in the list of topics today is how XAML, Microsoft’s XML-like code that is turned into a UI with WPF and/or Expression Design, and XSP code are similar.  They are both tag based and although it isn’t necessary to know the syntax that is created for you by the tools (Designer and WPF), it is quite useful when things go wrong.  We all know that XPages don’t have a native radio button control and if we want one we need to edit the “code”.  The same goes for XAML: it has the radio button control but i noted that when you have complex forms or UI, the VS2010 XAML interpreter is often unable to put the XAML back into a graphic format and you need to edit the XAML in plain text.  Are XAML and XPages evil twins???

And to complete this blog entry, an update on my sleep issues.  I will forget the tracheotomy for now.  It has to do with the fact that both my ENT and lung doctor freaked out when I talked about this, and also that even though I found a few people on the Internet that have a trach and are happy with it (10-12 years without major issues), I have read a lot on the subject and there are so many things that can go wrong that I am now willing to try a few alternate solutions, the first one being trying a brand new auto-CPAP.  According to my last sleep study, I have been prescribed an auto-CPAP since the pressure I needed to get a good night of sleep varied from 8 to 14 cm/h20 (those of you who don’t have a clue to what that is, just think of this as a machine that would adjust your tire pressure according to your speed, with high speed needing less pressure from the machine as hot air will create higher pressure on its own, and lower speed will require the machine to push harder as the tire is not generating enough pressure on its own).  Another cool thing too is that the data is saved on a SD card, and I managed to find a copy of the software that reads that data and displays nice graphs.  So I know if had a bad night because I had a lot of events, or just because I had too much chocolate ice cream before going to bed : )

Oh and one last thing, my wife is getting better, to a point where she can now go to the bathroom alone, make her own coffee and eats more “normal” food.  That is a blessing as  it leaves me a lot more time to “play” with the computer and do other stuff.  The CPAP seems to have a good effect too as I am almost done with finishing the wheelchair access ramp and all other modifications required on the balcony where that ramp is located.  Next week, the kids are back to school so things will definitely be better…  Not that I don’t like the kids, but things will be a lot easier to plan!

So that’s the update for today!

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Would you hire a consultant who has a hole in his throat?

Please be honest about this.

I am seriously considering a tracheotomy to fix my sleep apnea issues.  For now, my doctorS (lung and ENT) are totally against it for now, as they say there are other less intrusive methods to control the apnea, but since I’ve been down that “less intrusive” road before, I just don’t feel like repeating all the steps again.

Five years ago, I couldn’t tolerate the CPAP, mainly because I need a facial mask and since I sleep on the sire and have very light sleep, it was just horrible.  Now, they wan me to try the CPAP again?  C’mon guys, I’m getting older, my wife needs a lot of care and I need to get back to work ASAP so please don’t make me go through this again!!!

“Yes, but masks have changed, and you’ll get a APAP machine”.  Wouhou!!!  I already tried about 6 different “new masks” and I kept the one I had 5 years ago.  I also have a nasal one, for the days I’m not too congested.  And the auto pressure thing, it’s nice but without a comfortable maks, what is it really worht?

I found 2 stories on the Net about people who had trachs and they both say the same thing: they would do the same thing today.  One guy has his trach for 10 years+ now and no major issues!  And since this is my second battle against sleep apnea, I’d like to skip all that’s been already tried (for crying out loud, I underwent the super dupper very painful UPPP procedure because I couldn’t stand the CPAP) and skip to the next step.  But nooooooooo, the doctors don’t want to go with the tracheotomy for now, not before we restart trying the CPAP.  So I guess I’ll waste another 6 months of my life with the CPAP and then we’ll talk about next steps and tracheotomy…

The reason I’m asking is that I’ve been told that even though we are an advanced civilization, there are a lot of people who get chills with out of norm humans, and having a trach would certainly put me in that minority.

So, be honest here: would you hire a Lotus Notes consultant who has a tracheotomy?  And if this guy will not only code but meet users and be involved in meetings (after all, I’m quite senior and I would like to come back to the working force as such), would that tracheotomy be a factor in hiring that person over another?

My decision is not final yet, as I have to fool around with the CPAP for a while, but I’m very sick of being sick and in my current situation, I am willing to take whatever action necessary to get back to a normal life the fast way.  I know it won’t be easy every day with a trach, but hey, it’s been pretty darn hard not having it for a while now.

Thanks for being honest about this.  Look deep inside your soul and tell me what you would do, not what you WOULD like you to do   ; )

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Dream Theater/Iron Maiden show

As an old Maiden fan and a somewhat new Dream Theater fan, there was no way I was going to miss a concert where both bands were performing on the same show.  Although I felt it was a bit weird as Dream Theater could most probably fill the Bell Center on their own, this is one combo I didn’t want to miss.

It was also cool as my youngest daughter came along.  It reminded me of my youth, as I had the same age (14) as her when I saw my first Maiden concert back in 1983, the World Piece Tour.  Some old buddies were also there, and it was great to see them.

As expected, Dream Theater only had half a stage to do their performance, like every opening act.  Not a big deal because from what I have seen from previous DT shows, they are not a highly visual band (I saw the Live in Budokan show on DVD).  Who cares, as the show is called Portnoy and Petrucci.  And we were not disappointed.

Right on the second minute of the first song, the sound cut off due to a technical issue.  While searching who’s the idiot that walked on a wire was, Portnoy started entertaining us with is drums.  Amazing that an “unmiced” drum can be heard all over the arena!  As the delay was longer and longer, Mike then started playing Run to the Hills, having us sing and cheer.  Very well done mister Portnoy, and what an amazing idea to keep us busy.  And then, the bass drum came back to life.  Wow…  People screamed like crazy and the show started again.

The set list was basically tracks taken from their greatest hits (As I am, pull me under) and a very few songs from the last 2 albums.  I would have liked more new songs, as I am more familiar with the last 2 CDs, but then again, I would have liked a full 3 hours of Dream Theater.  Still, they played “A Rite of Passage” and my daughter really enjoyed this one (it’s one of the very few DT songs she has on her iPod!).  The guys were amazing, right on, and in great shape although it was a very hot day in Montreal.  We had an impressive moment where Petrucci and Rudess were both together playing a very complex musical part, and seeing them side by side like this was just amazing.  That sequence was the highlight of the DT show for me.

They had a great ovation once the show was over.  I think that people really enjoyed and by talking to some of my “neighbors”, some knew DT and some didn’t, but all appreciated the music.  But now, with the song “Doctor Doctor” playing fairly loud, we knew the Maiden show was about to begin.

First funny feeling is that this was a show for an album that isn’t out yet.  The final Frontier comes out August 17th in Canada, and yet the tour was already under way.  If you are a Maiden fan, then you are most probably on the mailing list and you were able to download the first single, “El Dorado”.  I sure did, and I was glad to as the song was in the set list.

Bruce made clear early in the show that this show was about the latest albums, up to Brave New World, and a few old songs.  This is somewhat interesting, as it seems Maiden are looking forward, not too much in the past.  Yes, there are classics, but I mean they have been around for so long, and they have done shows about the early years and mid career that it was OK to focus on newer material.  They could play for 4 hours and fans wouldn’t still have enough!

Bruce also asked who was at their first Maiden show.  Surprisingly, a lot of people yelled, my daughter included.  Bruce then welcomed them to the Iron Maiden family.  And all of this was done in a very good French, getting more respect from the “newbies”.  I’m sure newer fans know the newer albums, just like me and Dream Theater, so it kind of put more light on the set list they had for that tour.  I guess they are planning to outlast Kiss!!!

I almost forgot, but Bruce payed a tribute to Ronnie James Dio.  It was a very intense moment, as all the crowd raised their hands doing the devil’s horns, classic Dio gesture, paying respect to the man and his career.  I’m pretty sure that at least half the crowd knew Dio’s music, as his career was so long, and he was the opening act on the last Maiden tour.  One more addition to the “why I love Mainden so much” column: so much respect.

Small disappointment though with special effects.  Or the lack of, that is.  I am used to some flames, fireworks and drums being lifted on an hydraulic platform to show a big Eddie underneath Nicko.  I accidentally saw pictures of the set on the Internet showing a futuristic scenery, and Nicko up in the aire, with Eddie’s face under the drums, and hands showing at the ends of each sidewalks, just like the “Somewhere on Tour show” (see Stranger in a strange land video). But we’ve seen none of that in Montreal.  Was it the heat, a missing truck, I don’t know.  The fact remains that I was expecting a bit more.

But we did get the giant walking Eddie on the stage.  Now looking more like a Terminator, he was pretty cool as his fingers were very “mobile” and he can be equipped with a real guitar, jamming with the rest of the boys in the song where he always appear, Iron Maiden.  He also had a camera on his head, making us see his POV on the big  screens.  Nice to see how he’s looking down on Jannick Gers when fighting him off!!!

So, as always, a very entertaining night with Iron Maiden.  A bite more cool than usual, as the opening act was really great (mind you, they had Dio as opener on the last tour and they also had Rob Halford on the Brave New World tour) and my daughter being there.  My buddy Vinnie, who initially bought the tickets a while back, when I was still working, was really kind and gave me an almost indefinite period to pay him back.  That is very nice from him.  I love you, Vinnie!

Posted by: Benoit Dubuc | 2010/07/15

Why this blog is not in Lotus Notes anymore

Some of you may have notice that my blog changed a bit: it went from the Blogsphere template to Worpress.  Why you may ask.  Here is the answer: I don’t have a server anymore.

You see, my wife is not in great shape, having a yet to be diagnosed properly sickness, close to multiple sclerosis or what they call the yuppi syndrome.  Whatever it is, it is physically showing up as weakness in legs and arms, fatigue and other muscles having a hard time (hard time swallowing and talking these days).

On top of that, my sleep apnea problems surfaces again.  I had a somewhat major surgery about 5 years ago (UPPP) and it was suppose to fix the problem.  After almost a year of investigation, it turns out the apnea is back.  We didn’t search in that direction first because we thought it was fixed and buried deep.  And to make matters worst, my apnea is almost twice as bad as the first time I was diagnosed with this shitty problem.  Looking back, I now know why I hard such a hard time remembering my to dos and learning new things.

So because of that, I haven’t been working full time since July 2009.  Of course, it came a bit hard on the wallet, and we had to fall back on what is called social solidarity here in Quebec.  Basically, it’s the government giving you money as you went through all you had and you have some disease preventing you from working.  It is stated as being a last resort resource, and believe me, it is.  Still better than nothing though.  As a freelancer for a while now, I don’t have such a thing as an invalidity insurance: can’t get one anymore since the first sleep apnea diagnosis 😦

Besides emptying our bank accounts and all we had, we also needed to get rid of our company in order to get the social solidarity money.  That was a bit hard, as we had a few clients hosted on a Domino server we owned and hosting revenues are easy money (well, not-too-complicated-to-get money).  And of course, my blog was on that server as well, so I had to think about what I would do with my blog when the server was going to be turned off.

So here I am, on WordPress.  I didn’t take time to compare a lot of products (blogspot, and so on) and WordPress had all these cool themes.  So why not.  It’s not as flexible as a Domino based blog, but I,ll do for now, until I get my apnea under control and get back to a more normal life.

I’m still learning WordPress, so things might improve a bit over time, and I will continue to blog about my professional life, as I still want to do Domino stuff, and I have been approached for pretty cool Notes/Domino HTML 5 development in September.  It’s still far away, as I am not planning further than the next few days, but it is very cool stuff and I like toying around with new things.  So cool content should be coming in September, hopefully.

Now back to taming that third CPAP mask I’m trying…

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My take on the Planet/Jake story

Well, I’ve been silent for a while, but I still follow what’s happening in the Yellow world, and like many of you, I followed the weird story that happened between Yancy and Jake.  My comment could be summarized by this one sentence: this should not have come public, period.

Jake has been a very valuable Lotus resource for many years and you can’t deny all the work he has done for us, yellow dudes.  He had off topic posts before and we never really complained, as they were fun, interesting or valuable in some way.  Now with his current SharePoint project, why would this be different?  After all, he is a Domino developer doing, or trying to do SP development, and I’m sure many Lotus Notes developers are already faced with some SP installation in some department at the office.  So yes, I feel Jake’s content is relevant and should stay on Planet Lotus.

Looking at it from Yancy’s point of view, I can understand that he wants to keep both sites clean, with content that apply to each respective site.  I totally agree with that, and it is indeed a good thing because we know which planet to visit depending on the info we want.  If it would be all mixed up, we would have to visit both planets and since that would be time consuming, I can see some people just moving to another site for relevant information on their topic of choice.

So, both guys are good dudes, just trying to share information in a structured way.  For now, Jake’s articles, even though they relate to SharePoint, have their place on Planet Lotus.  If Jake becomes a SP expert, and his articles begin to be fairly technical then they should be moved to Planet SharePoint.

Hey, I did a bunch of articles where I was covering the conversion of a Notes application to .Net and to me, it made sense to put this on Planet Lotus.  Mind you, it would probably make a good reading for a .Net site somewhere as well.

Bottom line is that this thing should have been kept between the two guys and never go public.  Yancy is right to have some concerns and Jake is also right on the fact that his posts are relevant to us, PL readers.  Why make such a deal with all this?

That’s my 2 Canadian cents

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