Posted by: Benoit Dubuc | 2012/07/12

Domino/Flex interoperability: Let’s brainstorm

It’s been a long while and to be short, it’s very good to be back in business.  The last 3 years have been tough on the personal side, which also affected the professional side as well.  Let’s just say illness in the family is never a cool thing.  Things are getting back to normal and it is time for me to get back on track.

That being said, I am currently working on a little document for a buddy’s company that will look at the various options to integrate Lotus Notes email and calendar into an Adobe Flex application.  I have a good idea how to access the inbox and the calendar for display purposes but I would like some pointers on how to create a new email and a new calendar appointment from Flex.  Let’s call this a social brainstorming session.

I guess it is possible to open up iNotes from the Flex application, in order to make all the possibilities of the iNotes UI available to the user.  But what about other ways of doing this?  I need ways that will not require any changes on the Domino server or the mail template.  How to create a quick email and a quick appointment from Flex?  All ideas are welcomed.

Thanks a lot and be sure to see more content on this blog from now on.



  1. Although I haven’t worked with it, my first idea would be to have a look at the new (REST) mail service in the Extension Library. See for a description.

    • Thanks for the idea Mark. Unfortunatly, I can’t go that route as I can’t touch the server’s configuration. It would have been great though as I think Flez has pretty good REST support.

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