Posted by: Benoit Dubuc | 2011/10/03

My first 10 days with an iPad

I recently bought an iPad and a MacBook so I could start learning what I hope will be my next technical specialty. Ok, the iPad was not totally necessary but hey, why not.

I already have an iPhone, which I use a lot to manage my things: to do list, time tracking, mileage tracking, gps and other various apps. I also have a few ebooks but I always found the screen too small to be a useful reader.

I found out that most of the apps I use on the phone have an iPad version, or play nice with the iPad. Quite useful but the problem of data synchronization showed up quite rapidly. Not all apps offer data sync possibilities…

I bought keynote and pages, as I like to work on the iPad a lot. Less heavy and more portable than my laptop, I manage to do a lot of writing while commenting. My back is quite happy as I have a lot less weight in my back pack. It is also a lot smaller so I am less annoying to my neighbors and my neighbors are less annoying to me as well ;). And with the Dropbox application, I can get my files at the office in a breeze.

I also like the battery life we get with the iPad. I am having a hard time with my laptop battery, getting not more than 50-60 minutes out of it in full power saver mode. I have a 9 cell battery on the way, but it’s still a bummer.

I never thought of watching movies or web tv on my phone. Again, screen size is just too small. But with the iPad though, I found myself converting recorded episodes of Fringe and Supernatural so I could watch them while commuting (I commute 75 minutes twice in a day). Conversion is a pain but I hope I’ll find a decent video player soon (haven’t looked yet).

So overall, it is still a bit expensive for a toy, but I am doing a lot more than expected with it, and it’s not only fun and games. I am moving to iPhone/iPad development as I think it will make it in the corporate world, and I am quite pleased with my ipad experience so far, as it demonstrates that there are a lot of business related things to do with the iPad.

So glad I bought the 32 GB and not the 16 GB one.


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