Posted by: Benoit Dubuc | 2010/12/05

Follow up on MS Access-Notes post

Well, it seems I made a mistake in my previous post: the MS Access Bible was not written by Teresa Henning, but it’s rather the Access VBA Programmer’s reference.

I wanted to make that correction for the following reason: publish the correct information AND also mention that this book is actually more useful to me than the MS Access Bible right now.  Not that the Bible is not good, what I’ve said about it in my previous post still stands, but the Access VBA Programmer’s reference is so useful that even if it’s not very old, it already looks like a book I had and used for 4-5 years.  VBA is to MS Access what Lotuscript is to Notes.  You can’t really build a “real” application without it.  It also covers both DAO (initial MS Access Data Objects) as well as ADO (same ADO as .Net).

And to add a bit more on must have MS Access books, Teresa also participated in writing Microsoft Access Small Business Solutions, which is a walk through of many data models currently used in SMBs and bigger corporations: CRM, Inventory, Marketing and more.  This one is really great as it gives a lot of details on why the tables are built the way they are and they also provide a solid base for almost any type of application.  In my case, I used the CRM part as well as part of the customers, sales and accounting.  That book proved a real time saver.

So here I stand corrected.  Yes, the MS Access Bible is a great book, and it does contain quite advanced topics for a “Bible”, but for hardcore developers and advanced VBA coding, the Access VBA Programmer’s Reference is a must.  You will probably go through each chapter, not only the last few from the Bible.



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