Posted by: Benoit Dubuc | 2010/08/23


One post that covers multiple subjects.  Too busy in my head right now to write multiple posts  : )

I am currently having fun with HTML5, particularly UIs for mobile devices like the iPad and Android phones.  HTML5 has very nice features and the syntax will be a bit simpler, which is always a good thing.  There are more and more HTML5 tool kits available and it is a bit hard to follow everyone of them.  I found that it isn’t too hard to take a Notes application and make it iPad ready.  It is a bit hard to test the application using emulators (I mainly use Safari’s capability to send different browser types), but not impossible.  I also feel that the biggest challenge while developing for mobile devices will be a nice and functional UI.  On that matter, I noticed that one of my favorite sites for UI ideas,, added cool things for mobile devices.  A nice read for every developer.

Next up in the list of topics today is how XAML, Microsoft’s XML-like code that is turned into a UI with WPF and/or Expression Design, and XSP code are similar.  They are both tag based and although it isn’t necessary to know the syntax that is created for you by the tools (Designer and WPF), it is quite useful when things go wrong.  We all know that XPages don’t have a native radio button control and if we want one we need to edit the “code”.  The same goes for XAML: it has the radio button control but i noted that when you have complex forms or UI, the VS2010 XAML interpreter is often unable to put the XAML back into a graphic format and you need to edit the XAML in plain text.  Are XAML and XPages evil twins???

And to complete this blog entry, an update on my sleep issues.  I will forget the tracheotomy for now.  It has to do with the fact that both my ENT and lung doctor freaked out when I talked about this, and also that even though I found a few people on the Internet that have a trach and are happy with it (10-12 years without major issues), I have read a lot on the subject and there are so many things that can go wrong that I am now willing to try a few alternate solutions, the first one being trying a brand new auto-CPAP.  According to my last sleep study, I have been prescribed an auto-CPAP since the pressure I needed to get a good night of sleep varied from 8 to 14 cm/h20 (those of you who don’t have a clue to what that is, just think of this as a machine that would adjust your tire pressure according to your speed, with high speed needing less pressure from the machine as hot air will create higher pressure on its own, and lower speed will require the machine to push harder as the tire is not generating enough pressure on its own).  Another cool thing too is that the data is saved on a SD card, and I managed to find a copy of the software that reads that data and displays nice graphs.  So I know if had a bad night because I had a lot of events, or just because I had too much chocolate ice cream before going to bed : )

Oh and one last thing, my wife is getting better, to a point where she can now go to the bathroom alone, make her own coffee and eats more “normal” food.  That is a blessing as  it leaves me a lot more time to “play” with the computer and do other stuff.  The CPAP seems to have a good effect too as I am almost done with finishing the wheelchair access ramp and all other modifications required on the balcony where that ramp is located.  Next week, the kids are back to school so things will definitely be better…  Not that I don’t like the kids, but things will be a lot easier to plan!

So that’s the update for today!



  1. Benoit, good to hear about your wife, my thoughts have been with you both.

    Oh and html5 stuff – it is very cool I agree! 🙂

  2. Great to hear the good news. Wish you all the best!

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