Posted by: Benoit Dubuc | 2010/07/15

Why this blog is not in Lotus Notes anymore

Some of you may have notice that my blog changed a bit: it went from the Blogsphere template to Worpress.  Why you may ask.  Here is the answer: I don’t have a server anymore.

You see, my wife is not in great shape, having a yet to be diagnosed properly sickness, close to multiple sclerosis or what they call the yuppi syndrome.  Whatever it is, it is physically showing up as weakness in legs and arms, fatigue and other muscles having a hard time (hard time swallowing and talking these days).

On top of that, my sleep apnea problems surfaces again.  I had a somewhat major surgery about 5 years ago (UPPP) and it was suppose to fix the problem.  After almost a year of investigation, it turns out the apnea is back.  We didn’t search in that direction first because we thought it was fixed and buried deep.  And to make matters worst, my apnea is almost twice as bad as the first time I was diagnosed with this shitty problem.  Looking back, I now know why I hard such a hard time remembering my to dos and learning new things.

So because of that, I haven’t been working full time since July 2009.  Of course, it came a bit hard on the wallet, and we had to fall back on what is called social solidarity here in Quebec.  Basically, it’s the government giving you money as you went through all you had and you have some disease preventing you from working.  It is stated as being a last resort resource, and believe me, it is.  Still better than nothing though.  As a freelancer for a while now, I don’t have such a thing as an invalidity insurance: can’t get one anymore since the first sleep apnea diagnosis 😦

Besides emptying our bank accounts and all we had, we also needed to get rid of our company in order to get the social solidarity money.  That was a bit hard, as we had a few clients hosted on a Domino server we owned and hosting revenues are easy money (well, not-too-complicated-to-get money).  And of course, my blog was on that server as well, so I had to think about what I would do with my blog when the server was going to be turned off.

So here I am, on WordPress.  I didn’t take time to compare a lot of products (blogspot, and so on) and WordPress had all these cool themes.  So why not.  It’s not as flexible as a Domino based blog, but I,ll do for now, until I get my apnea under control and get back to a more normal life.

I’m still learning WordPress, so things might improve a bit over time, and I will continue to blog about my professional life, as I still want to do Domino stuff, and I have been approached for pretty cool Notes/Domino HTML 5 development in September.  It’s still far away, as I am not planning further than the next few days, but it is very cool stuff and I like toying around with new things.  So cool content should be coming in September, hopefully.

Now back to taming that third CPAP mask I’m trying…



  1. Ouch, Benoit. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  2. Yes, well wishes to both of you.

  3. that does not sound fun at all, if you prefer you can come and live on one of my domino boxes for free till your all recovered?

    • Thanks for the offer MArk, but I’ll stick with WordPress for now. I had my share of IP and DNS changes and dealing with registrars and all, and I will put the little energy I have on other things. But I apreciate the offer.

  4. I’m really sorry y’all are facing these issues.

    A little over a year ago my wife came down my wife came down with a ‘mystery’ infection the doctorS worked on for months and months and months and months. All the while we didn’t know if we had a future together. It does focus the mind on the present.

    Our prayers are with you both. Enjoy the time with her today, and I hope you can find a solution to the apnea.

  5. Sorry to hear mon ami. Wish you well. At least social programs are better in Quebec than ontario. (ive lived in both)

    On the technology side……it think the theme of your blog looks hot!

    Bonne chance

  6. Best of luck to both of you.

  7. Sorry to hear about this and I pray that life brings your happiness back.

  8. Best wishes for speedy return to health and better fortunes for you both.

  9. Wow! Thanks to all for your good words. I didn’t expect so many comments, and it’s really nice. It touches me deeply.

    True that life isn’t very funny these days, but to me, the situation having been like that for a while now, it doesn’t look so bad anymore. We have done so much to get to where we are now (doctors, local social services and all) that the situation has finally came to a still. Sure it has its down sides, but we still have a roof and eat three meals a day. And we now have the right doctors for both our issues, so hopefully things can only improve now.

  10. Best wishes to both of you and the restart of a business soon

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