Posted by: Benoit Dubuc | 2010/07/15

My take on the Planet/Jake story

Well, I’ve been silent for a while, but I still follow what’s happening in the Yellow world, and like many of you, I followed the weird story that happened between Yancy and Jake.  My comment could be summarized by this one sentence: this should not have come public, period.

Jake has been a very valuable Lotus resource for many years and you can’t deny all the work he has done for us, yellow dudes.  He had off topic posts before and we never really complained, as they were fun, interesting or valuable in some way.  Now with his current SharePoint project, why would this be different?  After all, he is a Domino developer doing, or trying to do SP development, and I’m sure many Lotus Notes developers are already faced with some SP installation in some department at the office.  So yes, I feel Jake’s content is relevant and should stay on Planet Lotus.

Looking at it from Yancy’s point of view, I can understand that he wants to keep both sites clean, with content that apply to each respective site.  I totally agree with that, and it is indeed a good thing because we know which planet to visit depending on the info we want.  If it would be all mixed up, we would have to visit both planets and since that would be time consuming, I can see some people just moving to another site for relevant information on their topic of choice.

So, both guys are good dudes, just trying to share information in a structured way.  For now, Jake’s articles, even though they relate to SharePoint, have their place on Planet Lotus.  If Jake becomes a SP expert, and his articles begin to be fairly technical then they should be moved to Planet SharePoint.

Hey, I did a bunch of articles where I was covering the conversion of a Notes application to .Net and to me, it made sense to put this on Planet Lotus.  Mind you, it would probably make a good reading for a .Net site somewhere as well.

Bottom line is that this thing should have been kept between the two guys and never go public.  Yancy is right to have some concerns and Jake is also right on the fact that his posts are relevant to us, PL readers.  Why make such a deal with all this?

That’s my 2 Canadian cents



  1. Ya. I am amazed that anyone seems obligated to post on this subject. I participated in the poll on Jakes site and that is as much of an opinion as I was going to offer on the matter. Seems like the oil leak story. It just won’t die. Lets let it be.

  2. I agree with this summary. It got blown way out of proportion to the actual issue, fueled by a lot of well meaning people.

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